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General Pest Control
SWAT staff are thoroughly trained and equipped to control all types of pests in restaurants, hotels, apartments, houses, offices, commercial, industrial buildings such as factories, warehouses. General pest control includes hornets, bees, mites, weevils, ants, flies, silverfish, birds etc.

Cockroach Control
The cockroach is one of the toughest insects to eradicate and control and is a job for experienced professionals. SWAT has invested in the latest equipment and chemicals to quickly solve your problem with cockroaches. Quarterly/Monthly/Weekly inspections/treatment are recommended for effective control.

Rat Control
SWAT's approach is to locate the source of breeding and control the situation through physical and environmentally-friendly measures. Chemicals are used only as a last resort, and even then, with great sensitivity to the environment.

Garden Spraying
In line with South Afrikca's policy of a green environment, SWAT specializes in measures to control and eradicate garden pests which create a nuisance to humans and damage to plants. Garden pests include mosquitoes, flies, ants, bees, hornets, etc.
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