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Most of us are fond of birds, so it is regrettable that these beautiful feathered friends sometimes spread deadly diseases. They also deface and cause deterioration of buildings with their droppings due to the acidic secretions produced by the fungi that live in the droppings.
Pigeons and sparrows carry bacteria-causing salmonellosis (food poisoning). Pigeons also carry ornithosis (a disease similar to virus pneumonia) via the infected droppings or through sweat glands. This is usually mistaken for flu in humans, and therefore it's occurrence is more common than realized.

Birds' nests harbour insects and mites which live in the nest material or droppings. Nests become reservoirs of pests which then invade homes, factories and farms, often causing considerable damage to property, especially fabrics and stores of food products. By preventing birds from building their nests on your premises, much of this damage can be avoided. In addition, the excrement of roosting birds can kill lawns and shrubs and thus reduce the value of property.


SWAT Anti-Roosting System
The SWAT Anti-Roosting System consists of a tailor-made platform with spikes for keeping pigeons, sparrows, mynahs and other bird pests off ledges where they roost, perch or nest. The birds will not attempt to land on the ledges as the spikes will deter them. At the same time, the birds will not be harmed at all. This modern and maintenance-free system will keep your premises bird-free.

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